Terms of purchase

These conditions determine the procedure for ordering, paying, delivering and complaining about the products offered on these pages. www.drbojankozomara-konsultacije.com Internet pages can be used for your private use without any fees for use, and according to the following conditions and rules.

The seller is “O2 consulting d.o.o.”, and the buyer is a visitor to these pages who fills out an electronic order, sends it to the seller and makes payment by credit card.

The customer undertakes to use this webshop application only for sending valid inquiries and orders, and not to send false or unauthorized orders. If we reasonably judge that an order of this type has been sent, we are authorized to cancel it and notify the relevant authorities.


The customer is obliged to provide true and accurate data during the use of www.drbojankozomara-konsultacije.com. “02 Consulting” d.o.o. does not bear any responsibility for the entry of incomplete or incorrect data by the customer in the process of purchasing through the webshop application.


The customer orders the product or products via the electronic order form. Any person who electronically orders at least one product, fills in the required information and submits the order is considered a customer.

All prices are expressed in Convertible Marks, including VAT.

The goods are ordered electronically, by clicking on a specific product and saving it in the Basket. The goods are considered ordered at the moment when the customer selects and pays for the goods.

Seller reserves the right to remove any product from this site at any time, and to remove or modify any material or content. The seller reserves the right to refuse to process the order in exceptional circumstances even after sending the order confirmation.


The ordered items are paid online with one of the credit cards: Mastercard, Visa or Maestro payment cards.


The merchant undertakes to deliver a product that is technically correct and corresponds to the product description listed at www.drbojankozomara-konsultacije.com. The image that illustrates the product on the Internet page does not have to correspond to the actual appearance of the product, so the customer cannot advertise this segment.

In case of technical malfunction of the audio recordings stored on the audio transmitter, the trader assumes full responsibility. In case of technical malfunction, the buyer is obliged to advertise the product within 4 (four) working days. After reporting a technical defect, the buyer is obliged to return the technically defective sound transmitter by mail with the delivery note, after which the merchant will send within 3 (three) working days

a replacement product to the customer, free of charge.

In the case of the above, the customer has no right to request a refund, but only a replacement product.

The trader is not responsible for possible damages and other obligations that are in the domain of the delivery person (the company that performs the product delivery operations). If the customer chooses the product download option and the customer is unable to download due to technical problems caused by the merchant’s server, the merchant undertakes to send an email with a new download option, for which the customer does not bear any costs. In the event that the buyer is not able to complete the download due to technical problems on the seller’s server, the buyer is obliged to contact the seller’s sales department, who will offer an adequate solution that will not contain any compensation or further costs on the part of the buyer. The customer has no right to request a refund in this situation. In the event that the buyer cannot take over the product, and the technical problems are not related to the trader, but are caused by the buyer, the operator or a third party, the trader bears no responsibility and is not obliged to enable the buyer to take over or deliver the goods free of charge. The buyer is obliged to take over the product within 5 (five) working days, after that he will no longer be able to take over the product, regardless of having made the payment. In this case, the customer waives any complaint.

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